Marine Transportation Management Engineer since 1997



Since 1997, an experienced Cargo Handling Supervisor at sea



Post graduated on Mechanical Engineering since 2004



In between 2000 and 2007 years, was a Lecturer at Maritime Vocational School of Kocaeli University


Author of 3 Books

International Maritime Conventions, Maritime Meteorological Lesson Studies Guide and Ships Construction for Deck and Machinery Students has been written by Umit Çevik


Ship's Chartering Broker

Since 2009, has been acting as chartering operator on behalf of the cargo owners to appoint the right ships with applying legally as a supervisor of all types of charterparties


Trader & Business Owner

Founder owner of M/S "Major Denizcilik ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti." since 2012 for acting international commodity trades together with its logistics organisational skills.


Logistics Operator

Since 2009, has experience with the organisations of seaway, railway and roadway transportations, supplye planning and warehousing operations as necessary as a logistics operator.

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About Me, The Consultant


The person who knows the rope!

With Passion For Real, Right Knowledge

More than 25 years of experience since 1997, the range of my services has commenced in the sea service and then has continued in fields of maritime, education and commerce. My main proficiencies which are towarding through the years upon now are ships' chartering and brokerage, pre-carriage and port handling organizations, container transport organizations, international road transport organizations, target product-market research and product supply services of commodities. As a result of some of the disputes that I have faced in my commodity trade actions I have made in recent years, I have gained another important ability: The Arbitration Experience
I have pioneered in gaining experience in marketing and sales of its products abroad to some customers who didn't have got a previous foreign trade experience. My main functions for them was to conduct Market Researching on for their products, supporting the relevant sales-marketing activities and supporting their after-sales logistics organisation. And, still running with some of them together with.
Within the scope of my consultancy services, I had managed the Innovation Processes of some of my clients which lead them to make significant contributions to expanding their product range.